Getting Started

Use this page as a general guide to getting started. You can always email us at [email protected] for support.

1. Connect School Journey to your Blackbaud School Platform

NOTE: you must have Environment Admin permissions in your Blackbaud environment to complete these steps.

That's it! You can now proceed to Step #2 and login

For an overview and a step-by-step demonstration, please watch this 2 minute video from Blackbaud:

If you have any issues, please email us [email protected] or use the chat function on this website and we will get you going.

2. Login to School Journey

Click the login button on this site to verify your app connection was successful.

The web platform is both a place to view reports on mobile app usage and to preview some of the mobile app features.

If you are able to login and authorize the School Journey app, then the connection was successful!

Please Note: During this Early Access period, you will be able to login after our app is connected, but your access will blocked until your school is activated (step #3 below). Until then, you will see so a "No Subscription" notice after login.

3. Contact us so we can activate your School

Email us ([email protected]) or use the chat function on this site to let us know that you are connected and will activate your school on our platform.

You will then be able to manage which members of your school community (students, parents, grade levels) have access during this pilot period.

Your school's users can ALSO login into this site for testing and preview purposes, but they will not have any admin permissions nor access to any data they would normally have access to using the Blackbaud MySchoolApp portal.

Of course you'll also want to get the mobile app...

Apple App Store Badge

(Android version is coming soon!)